Tony Dungy

“I’ve witnessed the effect of Impact for Living and of my good friend Scott Whitaker in the lives of coaches, players and countless others. Through conferences, weekly audio devotionals, the IFL Daily Devotional and direct interactions, Impact for Living has been an agent for change. I look forward to staying plugged into this transformative ministry.”

Billy Donovan

“I have watched Impact for Living grow from a spark in Scott’s heart to a force that is building into the lives of many – including mine – with its many resources – daily devotional, Bible studies and weekly conference calls, among so much more.”

Steve Haas

Proof of Impact for Living’s success is the lives of countless men and women performing well in leadership and life. I’m proud to be one of this growing movement of faithful leaders and have Scott and Nathan Whitaker to thank. These guys know what a ‘thriving life’ looks like …and how to discover it!

Clint Hurdle

“What we do every day, in every setting, has value. Impact for Living is in the business of helping us wrestle with our thoughts and actions and how they impact those around us – and ourselves. I’ve been blessed by Scott Whitaker and Impact for Living, and you will be too.”

James Brown

“Impact for Living is spearheading an awakening in the lives of so many, an opportunity for finding our meaning and direction, a sense of who God created each of us to be. Praise be to God that my dear friend, Scott Whitaker, has included me in this effort.”

Building lives of significance and impact for Christ,
with Christ and for eternity.

We live in a world of incredible potential planted by the Creator in the hearts and minds of people from every walk of life. God intentionally created people with a passion to reach for the stars, to dream of great adventures and to achieve great accomplishments that would change their world.

So why is it that people of all ages, created and gifted by God for great things, live powerless, passionless lives in ruts of mediocrity and irrelevance? Too many reach the end of the journey leaving a legacy marked by never having reached their full God-given potential and purpose.

It doesn’t have to be that way! It’s not what God intended for us!

Scott & Nathan Whitaker
Co-Founders, Impact for Living

Leaning In – Eternal Assurance

She was kneeling and had just turned to wrap her three-year-old arms around an eighteen-inch-high and now forty-nine-year-old plastic lighted Santa we have put out each year since our son was born.
“I love you Santa,” she whispered as she nestled him into her cheek.

It Could Be Different

A month away, and the crushing busyness of the season has already begun. The Friday after Thanksgiving, just a few days ago, began with an armload of newspaper inserts of sales you couldn’t miss, stores opening at midnight and other unseemly hours welcoming bargain hunters, and with lines forming for days to take advantage of once-in-a-lifetime bargains you couldn’t do without.

A Better View – Thankfulness

It’s a simple story of a young boy on his way home from school late one day. It was cold outside and snow was on the ground with more falling around him as he walked. It was around dinner time and he needed to hurry home. But then a light through the cracked glass of the window of a little broken-down shack along the side of the road caught his eye.


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Podcasts from home and on the road, direct from our team to you.


From New York Times bestsellers to heartfelt devotionals, our books encourage and inspire.

Impact for Living helps people reach their God-given purpose and potential.

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In Their Words

I have attended IFL conferences, been a part of weekly devotional conference calls (and even scheduled staff meetings around them) and I have seen firsthand the impact that IFL has had on the lives of others, and in particular, my faith as well as helping me focus on the impact of my legacy I was created to live every day.

Mike Mularkey

NFL Coach

I was honored to speak at two IFL conferences, but then found that I was energized by the men there, the questions they asked, and their desire to find their true calling and legacy…and how best to live that out. Impact for Living is touching and transforming lives!

Micheal Flaherty

CEO/Founder, Epiphany Story Lab

I love witnessing Scott’s energy and passion for others. He has changed the trajectory of my life as well as my loved ones and encouraged me to pursue more and more those areas of my life that impact others. I endorse Impact for Living without reservation and am grateful for the blessing it has bestowed on so many – including me!

Dick Monfort

CEO/Owner, The Colorado Rockies

Scott and Nathan Whitaker have helped me see possibilities for my life even beyond what I saw. The ministry of Impact for Living has made an impact that my family and employees can attest to.

Gary Condron

CEO/Founder, The Conlan Company