Just some early morning thoughts from me to you…


“People don’t run out of dreams…they run out of time.”  The Eagles


          The sun is beginning to set outside my window as I sit here now with you.  Today’s “early morning thoughts” are a long and remarkably busy day from when the sun rose and with a heart brimming with good intentions—I sat down to spend a moment with you.

            And even though the darkness is beginning to settle in over the landscape around me, the darkness continues to turn to light across our nation for not only many who have been waiting for this day for a lifetime—but for all of us.  No matter how we cast our votes in the recent Presidential election—tomorrow is a day for all of us who love this great land.  No matter the position on the issues that you and others may hold that are in alignment or not with the man who will be assuming the office of President—tomorrow is a day for all of us.

Tomorrow is a day for you and for me.  Tomorrow is a day for children of all ages everywhere who have stood on a playground somewhere and dreamed dreams for their lives and longed for the opportunity to be whatever they held in their hearts at that moment.

            Tomorrow is a day for us all.  A day when the first African-American will be sworn in as the forty-fourth President of the United States of America.  We have come a long way.  Yet there remains before us all still a long road to travel.  We are not yet what we should be—and must be—under the leadership of God as a nation. 

There are dreams we hold which God has placed in our hearts, that have yet to be realized.  We have much to do to restore a sense of respect and civility in our daily discourse.  We have a long way to go to embracing a personal responsibility—not handing it off to our government—to lift all those who need a lift in life to be able to see the sunshine which follows the rain.  We have much to do to reclaim a culture which respects the sanctity of life for all—the born, the unborn, the young and the older.  We have a long way to go to again making God feel welcome in our schools, our public buildings, in the decisions of our leaders, and in the quiet direction of our homes. 

Dreams held dear, but in many cases—yet unfulfilled. 

Yet tomorrow is a day for us all.  When we think back over water-coolers, restrooms, hotels, restaurants and schools once labeled for one color only, we can proudly realize that we have come a long way—as a people and as a nation.  Yet we have a long way to go to reach the dreams we hold dear which God has placed in our hearts—before we run out of time.

Through the ages some have dreamed of a day like tomorrow—but ran out of time to see those dreams become reality.  But they pursued them anyway.  Some of us hold dreams which God has planted in our hearts, which we may never see fulfilled in our lifetime.  But we pursue them anyway.  And even though we may not be here to see them fulfilled, those dreams are still worth pursuing and handing off to those who come after us—because God will still remain. 

God still remains and God still reigns, and nothing of Him will pass from our midst.

Tomorrow is a day for us all.  Tomorrow is a great day for our nation.  But there is still a long way for us to go. 

Pursue those dreams which God has placed in your hearts.  One day they will all come true—either with Him here or with Him in eternity.

May God continue to bless us all.

And may God continue to bless The United States of America.


                                                                        In His Name—Scott