Just some early morning thoughts from me to you…


“Span of stars overhead as we walk this road,

While this darkness remains I will bear your load,

And together we will tend the seed He’s sown

As we walk along the road to that city,        

On that day we will sing “Holy, Holy”,

On that day we’ll bow down in the light,

And then we’ll rise and turn our eyes

To the One who’s the light, the light of that city.”

                “The Light of that City”,

John and Anne Barbour


            Eternal moments. 

They happen more than we realize—penetrating the darkness and disappointments of some of our days—and are always designed for our enjoyment, growth and good.  Yet we miss them—too often, too many, too bad.  Those eternal moments in our journey where we meet Christ in the seemingly ordinary moments of every day which is before us.  

Moments where we are given a glimpse of what eternity most assuredly will be like under the radiant guiding light of Christ.  Moments, too, where we realize that God intended that the eternity He plans for us was to begin here—now, today for each of us, with Him, with others, and all together every day for His glory.

We had one of those moments a few days ago—and for a change I recognized it when God unfolded it before us.  Lynda and I had our two Granddaughters with us driving along the back roads through Georgia on our way to the North Carolina mountains listening to the music, and singing along with the encouraging words above from the powerful praise song “The Light of That City.”

The next bend in the road brought one of the girl’s favorite stopping places into view—McDonalds, set against a distant backdrop of the mountains rising before us pointing the way to our destination.  To recap—our two precious granddaughters, one of their favorites—McDonalds, an inviting view of our glorious mountains, with all of us—Lynda, Hannah, Ellie Kate and me—singing the powerful message of one of our great praise songs.  It was the back roads of an otherwise ordinary moment—turned eternal—giving us a glimpse of what eternity will surely forever be like.

And I didn’t miss it.  This time.

But I have.  Trust me.  And so have you.  Every day.  

We often miss them while preoccupied with the business of getting ahead in the world, in our schools and in our careers.  We miss them in doing all of the social things that we feel we need to do so that we can gain acceptance as somebody important.  Some of us miss them as we try to become someone special to others—someone our parents never told us we were—or worse never showed us, that we were—special.  We miss them because they’re all covered up in the threadbare blanket of the painful moments from our past we still have trouble getting beyond.  We miss them in our individual worlds of misaligned priorities. 

If only we could see those eternal moments when they were upon us and circling all around us in the ordinary moments of every day of our lives—giving us a glimpse of what will be then, and just as importantly, what can be today.

“Though my eyes can’t see what is waiting there

Though my mind can’t conceive all that He’s prepared

There the blind will see the sun, what was old will be young

And the lame, they will run all over the streets of that City.

“On that day we’ll bow down in the light

And then we’ll rise and turn our eyes

To the Lord, Jesus Christ

He’s the light of that City”

                Eternal moments. 

Had any lately?  Missed any lately?

Look around you for the Light in the ordinary moments of every day of our lives before us—that’s where we’ll find those eternal moments.  That’s where we’ll meet Christ today and every day for all eternity.

Eternal moments.  We’ll find them everywhere, even on the back roads of our journeys through every day of our lives.


                                                                        In His Name—Scott


Copyright 2011.  Scott L. Whitaker.  All rights reserved.