Just some early morning thoughts from me to you…  

“So let’s not get tired of doing what is good.  At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.”
Galatians 6:9 (NLT)

“And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.”
Philippians 4:8 (NLT)

I suspect you may feel a bit as I do at times.


Not necessarily exhausted from things you have being doing—responsibilities at home or the office, yard work, coaching, spending time with your family trying to keep up with your children and grandchildren. Tired enough, but your body recovers and your mind remains clear.

But exhausted from the constant bombardment from the world around us of all that’s supposedly wrong with the world, all that’s wrong with this group or that, while listening to news about a virus, with politicians threatening each other and misstating the truth, rather than mutually trying to solve issues and heal differences.

And, if you’re a real glutton for punishment, you get it from the constant barrage of gruesome news reports on too many television channels, radio stations and printed in the newspaper. Then in the name of entertainment, in gruesome movies or television shows you subject your psyche to for some reason only known to yourself, if at all.

Suggestion—turn it all off. Don’t watch it, listen to it, or read it.

No more television shows, radio reports, docudramas, or grizzly accounts of mistreatment by someone of another.

Toss the morning rag laying in the driveway into the fireplace or trash can before reading anything—even what is printed above or below the fold on the first page.

Instead, watch some wholesome, edifying, hope-filled, maybe even sappy shows.

Listen to some God-honoring encouraging, lifting music.

Read something that will grow and move you toward becoming all you were created to be by the God who loves you.

And also this—find someone in need. Find someone you can help.

Somewhere out there, not too far from where you are—someone needs a lift up in life. Find them, help them, and lift them by taking the time to change their lives for the better.

You may be surprised at what happens to you when you do that for someone else.

Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth President of the United States, said—“To ease another’s heartache is to forget one’s own.”

Mahatma Gandhi shared that—“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

Robert Ingersoll offered that—“We rise by lifting others.”

And Martin Luther King, Jr., by his example and words, reminded and called us to join him when he shared that— “Life’s most urgent question is—What are you doing for others?”

So, do you seem to find yourself exhausted a bit too often these days?

Let me suggest that for starters, you stop the influx of negative information and commentary, discouraging dribble and data from infilling your life any further.

Instead, each day of your life, surround and fill your life with things, people and materials which are edifying, uplifting, hope-filled and encouraging.

And most important of all, when you awake each day—find someone in need, and do whatever you can do to change their life for the better.

Then, rest well.

In His Name—Scott