Just some early morning thoughts from me to you…

“For I hold you by your right hand—I, the Lord your God. And I say to you, ‘Don’t be afraid. I am here to help you.”
Isaiah 41: 13 (NLT)

He is the Creator of the universe, yet knows our name.

He threw the stars into the sky, yet God knows and cares when we cry at night, or when we worry about something in our lives.

He holds us tight when we lose someone we love, or when the world seems too overwhelming, and we feel too weak to move on.

Our God always does that. Showing us in those moments, that He knows where we are and what we’re going though.

And that He cares.

As the story has been passed down to us, President Abraham Lincoln was known to often visit hospitals to talk with the wounded soldiers during the Civil War. During one of his visits, the doctors pointed out a young soldier who was near death, and President Lincoln went to be with him at his bedside.

The President asked, “Is there anything I can do for you?” The soldier obviously didn’t recognize President Lincoln, and with some effort he was able to whisper to him, “Would you please write a letter to my mother?”

A pen and paper were provided and the President carefully began writing down what the young man was able to say—

“My dearest mother, I was badly hurt while doing my duty. I’m afraid I’m not going to recover. Don’t grieve too much for me, please. Kiss Mary and John for me. May God bless you and father.”

The soldier was too weak to continue, so Lincoln signed the letter for him and added—“Written for your son by Abraham Lincoln.”

The young man asked to see the note and was astonished when he saw who had written it. “Are you really the President?” he asked.

“Yes, I am,” Lincoln replied quietly. Then President Lincoln asked if there was anything else he could do for him.

“Would you please hold my hand?” the soldier asked. “It will help to see me through to the end.”

In the hushed room, the tall gaunt President took the boy’s hand in his and spoke warm words of encouragement until death came.

God is always as close to us as that.

And He is never closer to us than when we’ve been shipwrecked, crippled or hurt by life. Always holding our hand.

He is there when the circumstances of our days, or the unknown things lurking just around the corner drive us to the edge of despair, as we wonder which way to go.

He understands and He knows the way.

And He will always be with us, wherever we are, and wherever we go.

Holding our hand.

In His Name–Scott