Just some early morning thoughts from me to you…

“I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come?
My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.
He will not let your foot be moved; he who keeps you will not slumber.
Behold, he who keeps Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.”
Psalm 121: 1-4 (ESV)

Too many storms lately, taking their toll on my days.

Overwhelmed. Anxious. Any search for a vision of hope has been a bit cloudy.

I suspect you can identify with those experiences.    

God knew my focus needed an adjustment. And now. 

The worship service we were in with our granddaughters yesterday morning was of God, uplifting and helpful. 

But God knew I needed a bit more help, an additional poke reminding me of His presence during this time keeping me secure, and that He was actively at work in my life for my good. 

So, God went with the “A Team.”

“Do you want to go with us?” Her face beamed with hopeful anticipation that I would say “yes.” 

It came as a request by our younger granddaughter, as we were gathering to leave at the end of worship. 

An offer to join her and her sister on an afternoon walk through a nearby wilderness area full of wildlife, including alligators generously sprinkled along the trail. 

A place she knew I had never been before—the La Chua Trail.

My initial response was couched as regret because of all the work ahead of me that afternoon.

But on the way home—their request hit again, and I turned and headed to join my two granddaughters.

I began the hike, not sure I would find them on the trail. Then from somewhere off in the distance—” Hey Gran!” Tears filled my eyes as I saw them. 

My heart warmed with a permanent smile as I joined them.

I hope your first response to an invitation like the one I received is not like my first response.

But that instead, it is like my second response after lifting my eyes to the One always there to help me, to lift me, to restore the joy in my spirit, and to remind me of the important people and moments God places in our lives. 

When the world hits us point blank and just seems to keep coming, we need to remember that God is still with us, and is still at work in our lives.

Over twenty years ago, Richard Smallwood was overwhelmed and going through a period of anguish, despair, and hopelessness. 

Then something (or Someone) led him to again read Psalm 121, a prayer of David to God, his Helper; and Richard wrote the song “Total Praise” as he lifted his eyes and heart back to God his Helper—

“Lord, I will lift mine eyes to the hills, Knowing my help is coming from You.
Your peace, You give me in time of the storm.
You are the source of my strength. You are the strength of my life.
I lift my hands in total praise to You.
You are the source of my strength, You are the strength of my life.
I lift my hands in total praise to You.
Amen, Amen (Amen)
Amen, Amen (Amen).”

He is still and always the source of our strength. 

He is always the very strength we need to push on through any storms.  

And our past experiences with Him, remind us where to turn, where to lift our eyes and hearts, to see the help already there for us.

And to find the peace, strength and hope we need.

As we lift our eyes and hands in praise to our precious, ever-present God.

Remember, God is always there. God’s always got you.

Lift your eyes and heart to Him. 

Gran— “Do you want to go with us?”

In His Name–Scott


Be lifted by this performance of “Total Praise” by the First Baptist Dallas Choir and Orchestra.