Just some early morning thoughts from me to you…

One Father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.”

An Old English Proverb, attributed to George Herbert

It’s clear to me now.

I never made the connection before, other than that the final round of the tournament always fell on Father’s Day. But having the final round of one of the most notable of all the golf tournaments in the world—the United States Open Golf Championship—always to take place on Father’s Day is the most natural of fits and tributes.

A perfect pairing as we move into any round of life—first, second, third or final round—and regardless of whether younger or older, or anywhere in between.

The comparisons between Father’s Day and the fathers whom we honor, with the traditions and examples of the game of golf, are numerous, encouraging, uplifting and edifying. Think about all of the sets of values, attributes and aspects of either point of focus—fathers or golf—that we should seek to embrace, and you’ll find similarities from both to aspire to, and embrace in our lives.

Role models. Respect. Rules self-imposed.

Trials. Tragedy. Trustworthy. Timing. Triumph.

Patience. Perseverance. Protection. Peace.

Gentleness. Genuine. Great expectations. Grace.

Strength. Strategy. Selflessness.

Courage. Correction. Covenant commitments. Collaboration.

Sacrifice. Service to others. Sacredness of traditions.

Reflecting on the game of golf, and so many of those individuals who have been, and remain an integral part of the present day and the history of that great game—with a few notable exceptions—we find so many of those values noted above, making it one the most respected of sports and traditions.

Reflecting for a moment on Father’s Day, which we celebrated again yesterday, I recognize that for some of us, the virtues noted above may not have been imparted early on in your lives by the fathers who should have done so. There is no doubt that they should have been, and it would have lifted our childhoods just a bit, or a good bit higher—but anyway that is in the archives of our past. But for many others of us, our fathers did, in fact, embrace and by their example model many or all of those qualities above—and our lives today reflect that influence and are better because of them.

As I leave you to reflect upon yesterday and yet another Father’s Day, and maybe Justin Rose’s unexpected U.S. Open victory, and perhaps even to reflect upon all that we should try to be in those roles, let me also leave you with this link to a video of encouragement, inspiration and hope.

Perhaps it will provide some direction for us all to figure out any adjustments we might need to make, going forward, so as to be better fathers, better mothers, and the best examples and role models we can be for those around us, who watch us, and look up to us—whether golf-related or not.

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And may you always strive to be all whom God calls you to be.

In His Name—Scott

Copyright 2013. Scott L. Whitaker. All rights reserved.