Just some early morning thoughts from me to you…

The very best fabric representing one’s life at the end of the day is woven of threads from the deepest daily experiences of the heart…all of them.”


They seem to come in waves.

They come crashing into our feelings with tides of emotions often impossible to explain.

They come in a wash of tears mingled with smiles—reflections of heartaches inextricably entwined with joys.

The moments, the threads of our lives, created, determined and woven together by the values we have held, and now hold dear.

The recollections of life’s littlest, yet often greatest moments, hits us when we least expect it to happen. The threads making up the tapestry of our lives lived out in the twists and turns along the winding roads from our beginnings, through yesterday, today and eventually to somewhere and someplace in our foreseeable tomorrows.

And at times their remembrance seems to come in waves.

This morning, I remember how she could barely wend her way down the stairs of the side-porch as I ushered her outside. Our twelve year old Basset Hound, Pansy, was obviously having an off day in her fight for life against a cancer that seemed to affect her like wind blowing in and out at the slightest whim.


The memory of all our precious pets, beloved members of the family through the years flashed through my thoughts as I remembered her bravely wagging her tail as I called her name.


And the memory from years ago, during the return-trip home with our elder Granddaughter, Hannah, as I regularly stole a glance at her through the rear-view mirror while she gently fell asleep to the hum of the road and the melody of the voices on her praise music CD. Memories of reaching back to rub her tiny foot and then, when she awoke, playing a game she only wanted to be silly with, laughing all the way home returning to an excited Mom and Dad.


And the memory of an incredible trip with dear friends from out west, along with long-time dear friends from high school, all to Alaska and a cruise beyond catching up on each other’s lives in the midst of God’s incredible creation.


And then there was my bride, a few years ago, trying to explain the tears flowing from her eyes as she gave our giggling, precious, younger Granddaughter, Ellie Kate, her bedtime bath. Or as she got her ready for bed, and then rocking her when she awoke a little later and a little bit afraid. And the next day, feeding the birds and finding golf balls in the back yard.


They seem to come in waves—those recollections from the deepest of each day’s meaningful and God-given experiences. The remembrances of time with family and friends—those still here and those gone too soon—all part of the fabric of threads making up the deepest daily experiences of our lives.

The waves seem to me to come a little more often as I get older. I wonder why.

Appreciation for all the important people and things in our lives? Perhaps. Realizing even more keenly our own mortality and that we are not promised tomorrow? Perhaps.

Maybe we should live our lives from the end first. Appreciating from the beginning, the threads of the important things in our lives.

Those lessons really should come when we are younger. Maybe to assure that we weave the most beautiful of tapestries, made of the very deepest experiences of our hearts, from the very beginning of the moments that truly matter—and that we embrace.


Consider for a moment that when you look back from the end of your life, what you will have left behind you on your path. And then consider for today and all the days remaining, what threads of the most important of life’s moments you are weaving, or which you need to begin weaving together in the time you have left?

In His Name—Scott


Copyright 2015. Scott L. Whitaker. All rights reserved.